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Research in the area of silicate and macromolecular chemistry

We are dealing with custom tasks and our own research tasks in within silicate and macromolecular chemistry.

Using the most modern methods we perform:

  • Chemical analysis (XRD, XPS, XRF, Raman spectroscopy)
  • Thermal analysis (DTA, TGA, TDA, TMA, DSC)
  • Structural analysis (SEM with wave dispersion and electron dispersion analyzer of X-ray, with detector of secondary electrons, with detector of backscattered electrons, with diffractometry of backscattered electrons, light and correlative microscopy)
  • Physical-mechanical measurement (hydraulic press, laser particle size analyzer, vibration sorters, rheometer, micro hardness tester, equipment for determination of resistance to chemical deicing agents and freeze-thaw cycles, dilatometers, etc.)

Development of building chemistry products, coatings and polymer composites

For second decade we deal with product development for leading Czech and multinational producers of building chemistry, coatings and polymers. We have unrivaled experience in following areas:

Building chemistry:
Adhesives, sealants, self-leveling screeds (cement, anhydrite, magnesite and sulphate screeds), concrete, cement dry-shake, grouts, repair mortars and other special products (epoxy, polyurethane , acrylic, polymer-cement, polyurethane-cement products, etc.)

Penetrations, coatings, binders for filled systems, final coatings based on acrylate, epoxy, polyurethane and other binders

Polymer composites:
Fiber cement composites, plastic composite elements (PVC, PE, PS, PET, PAN, PA, PC, etc.)