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We are able to perform testing in laboratory conditions and in condition of real application (in-situ construction site testing). We perform sampling and testing according to our own methodologies, professional technical quality conditions, national and European technical standards.

We perform sampling, chemical and physical-mechanical analysis on following materials and products:

  • Aggregate
  • Binders (cement, gypsum, magnesite, copolymers, polymer binders)
  • Additives and admixtures (plasticizers, accelerators, fly ash, slag, etc.)
  • Soil
  • Fresh and hardened concrete
  • Mortars (repair and injection grouts)
  • Mortars, plasters, adhesives, insulation systems
  • Flooring and surface treatment
  • Concrete structures, prefabricates (including reinforced and fiber-reinforced concrete)
  • Brick and ceramic products
  • Asphalt mixtures
  • Coatings and surface treatments
  • Liquid and solid polymers

We perform tests for:

  • Properties verification of raw materials and products
  • Categorization into groups according to standards and guidelines
  • Identifying the origin of the defects
  • Simulation of external attack (environmental resistance - chemical / atmospheric / UV / freezing cycles...)
  • Technical and economical benchmarking